Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Pride!


Hey Creeps!
It's been a while, eh?
Well, for all of you who didn't know June is LGBT Pride Month, and currently in NYC there has been an abundance of Anti-Gay crimes. I am not a supporter of any form of violence and am pretty much disgusted with these disgusting acts.

Thus, to celebrate the amazing people of the LGBT community and pride I decided to recreate a Drag look, which I found on youtube. The video is posted below

This was such a challenge! However, I had alot of fun attempting this look. I am a huge fan of drag queens and their fabulous wardrobe changes.

Furthermore to create this look I used Color me Perfect by Ebonie Marie. She is a friend of mine and a makeup guru. She makes her own products and they are absolutely fabulous!!!

If you are interested in checking them out yourself click these links:
Color Me Perfect Boutique
Like Color Me Perfect on Facebook

So whats up? Share your beauty looks with me as well?

Creep On!!!


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