Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fall into Color

Good Morning!!!
My life has been hectic...
Only one month left at my internships...bittersweet.
I really love this skirt because its flowy,sheer and short. Makes me feel like a nomad.
Still wondering out paranormal legends and death. Does anyone believe in reincarnation?
The warmer it gets the less I wear black....but I still love it very much.
Skirt: Gap
Shrug: Old Navy
Watch:Michael Kors

Lastly, Its BRIDAL WEEK!!!! I'm so excited because my dream is to design wedding dresses. So far this Oscar de la Renta dress is my fave!!
Creep on!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

All That Jazz

I have been wearing alot of Black lately which is not normal for me.
I guess you can say I am still mourning, and I do believe now that one never truly recovers from grief.
I have been thinking alot about death lately, paranormal universes, and doppelgangers.
Anywho, I stole this dress from my mom's closet. She bought it for me at a church sale when I was 12 but this is my first time wearing it. It was only 5 Bucks. Also, as you can see I ripped a huge hole in my tights this morning but I like it.

Creep on!!