Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bumble and bumble

Hey Creeps!
I was featured on Bumble and bumble's instagram! Best intern ever maybe??
Anywho, I basically remade my french braids, but I did not blow dry my hair this time.
What do you think guys: cute or horrifying?

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Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday!
As you can see I attempted to dye my hair purple again! What do you think?
I feel like it is more red than purple, especially because random people scream at me on the street "REDHEAD!" 
Very awkward indeed!
I love experimenting with my hair, but I think this will be the last and final time!

This is a typical outfit that I wear to work. Although it is not business casual, I work in a very laid back environment which is perfect for summer! No blazers, suits, or long sleeves. Don't get me wrong sometimes I miss wearing my pencil skirts and blouses, but not when it is 90 degree weather and I have to wear stockings. However, I still keep it modest and try to cover most of my tattoos.
What say you? What is your work Attire?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I think I am suffering insomnia.
My laptop is broken, AGAIN. This means I probably won't be blogging for a few weeks.
This puts me in a seriously pissy mood.
On the bright side here are some sketches I did.
Thought I would share my talents in attempt to raise my spirits.
Are you an artist? Can I see your artwork?

All drawings done by Jasmine Alvarez

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok, I admit it! I am addicted to playing with graphics and making them look over edited and obnoxious! I love it, I always wanted to learn how to use photoshop and make really creepy cool photos, but I never had the opportunity. So until then I will enjoy the free photo editors on the internet because it is addictive and I love making myself look like I am on fire.

As you may know braids are trending all over the runways and streets. As a young girl, I always had braids. Think of Alicia Keys circa 2002, yes I had cornorws with beads, seashells, etc. I guess you could say I was in my ghetto girl lost phase. What can I say I desperately wanted to be a fly girl! In a nutshell I am glad braids are making a comeback! Even though in my head, they never really left! So, I saw a tutorial on glamour featuring a french baid, which was the only obtainable hairstyle for me. ( I wish my hair was longer.)

This is Emily Blunt's amazing french braid that I tried to emulate. Now because my hair is so course, the whole messy look just does't work for me. It just looks like a lazy girl who did not want to comb her hair! So I tried to keep my french braids as neat as possible. What do you guys think of the braid trend?

Unedited pics below.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Follow Me

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlehuice!
haha ok no this outfit is nowhere near similar to Beetlejuice, but the makeup gives it a Goth edge am I right? There is just something about plum lip colors that make me go crazy! I love punk, goth, edgy style PERIOD, so it's a no brainer for me to gravitate to dark color everything. I have been obsessed since I was a kid, I'm not sure how it started but I remember begging my mom to take me into hot topic every mall trip. I would try to emulate the girls in the music videos by wearing fishnets, denim skirts, crazy tights, spikes, etc. I felt so cool in my skirt and pants combo, like I was the trendsetter and my peers were a tad bit behind on the fashion trends. All the Teen Vogue issues I read and Harper's Bazaar copies I would sneak I thought I knew everything about fashion. Well, not everything but I did learn that fashon should be fun and fearless! Isn't that what editorial shoots are for? To inspire the reader to step outside his or her boundaries; express their creativity through their own style? No matter what your preference is when it comes to dressing you should never be afraid to express yourself. It is all about the confidence! If you do not feel comfortable strutting your stuff in what you are wearing do not wear it. Follow your own bliss, not the masses.

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Maxi Dress: Marshalls
Top: Urban Outfitters
Eyeshadow: Lancome/ L'Oreal
Lips: Lancome

Friday, July 13, 2012

That's A Wrap

Sometimes its fun to play dress up. The classic wrap dress is something all women should have in their wardrobe. Business casual, night out on the town, or a spa date with the girls; you can wear this bad boy anywhere! Thanks to the genius Diane Von Furstenberg us women can be sexy and comfy at the same time. HAIL THE FASHION GODS! The day I took this picture I was feeling a little Elizabeth Taylor-ish and decided to kick it old school and whip out the leapord print scarf! Ha, sometimes its ok to add a little drama to our lives don't ya think?

I don't know if you can see but I have become obsessed with matching my nails to my lipstick. There is just something about it that feels classic and timeless, especially in red!

What say you??

Creep on!!

Dress: Gap
Sandals: Gap
Scarf: old
Nail and lip: Lancome
Sunnies: Coach

PS Last Night I saw one of my favorite movies, Singing in The Rain, at a special showing. This is my favorite scene.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vamp meets Sid Vicious

Morning Creeps!
First and foremost I must apologize for stealing a photo from my instagram.
My laptop is currently having technical difficulties that I cannot explain. I am probably the most un tech savy blogger EVER! Haha

Yesterday at my internship (Bumble and bumble) I received their new product Hairdresser's Invisible oil. I loved it and it works marvelously. As you know my hair is natural and color treated, so dry frizzy hair is one of my major hair issues. Fear not, Hairdresser's Invisible oil saved me from my problems. Not only is my hair soft to the touch, it smells delightful and my hair did not sizzle at all when I curled it. This product is a must have for all hair types, especially color treated hair.

I created this look by pinning up my hair trying to emulate Sid Vicious. Years, ago Teen Vogue had an editorial featuring androgynous looks, and Sid was one of their inspirations. I loved it and now that my hair is longer I had no choice to succumb to my inner tomboy. Although I am a girly girl especially when it comes to beauty, I LOVE being one of they boys. Boyfriend jeans and baggy vnecks are my favorite items to splurge on. However, no matter how much of a tomboy I am I love to add a little femininty to my look a la make up.

Creep On!!!

Makeup: Lancome

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 When our bodies collide, I explode like stars across the night sky.
Our heart beats become one, our voices in unison.
Like two seperate galaxies, you are so far away.
I hold you, but you are not there.
Yearning for your warm love because fucking just is not enough.
I came to you stripped of all emotion; empty and bare.
Slammed my heart and soul into you, praying for a cosmic love to form between us.
Nothing, just the shadow of your union with her.
Like a moon in a lunar eclipse, I wait for my chance to shine.
But in reality you will never be mine.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy Bee

So busy with choosing grad schools and writing, I feel like a mad woman.
However, even in the time of focus and hard work you must have FUN!
My friend took this picture of my friends and I at RdV friday night. Such a great place to checkout if you are ever in NYC. Sometimes when I am busy I neglect myself and my friends but this weekend I put on my dancing shoes and took a little break. However, it's Monday and now back to business.

I know the picture does not do my makeup any justice but here are the products I used to achieve my look:

Lancome Artliner in Aubergine
Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Blanc
Lancome Color Design Lipstick En Vogue

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fifty Shades of CREEP

I found myself in a creative rut yesterday which led me to feeling like I was not working to my full potential. I asked myself, am I limiting myself to one box because I'm afraid? Yes! I was afraid. Afraid of actually being good at something. In life, we are blessed with many talents and gifts. Some people choose to specialize in just one and become experts while others embrace all their gifts and become jack of all trades. As a rising senior I feel like I should know exactly what I want in my career and how I want to grow professionally. However, my abundence of experience in varaious fields and my burning passion for writing, art, and fashion I always find myself at a crossroad. It causes me to have a mini breakdown where I want to slam my head into the wall repeatedly.

However, last night the little lightbulb in my head lit up and I have decided to do all the things I want to do. Life is about happiness and you should be happy in life and follow your heart. So in a nutshell I decided to be a jack of all trades, when I have the itch to write I will and I won't stop. I know I will eventually have to focus on chooosing a career  since I will be graduating college soon, but during my remaining semester I want to ressurect my writing and strengthen my craft.

Do you guys ever experience these moments?

Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Top: Old Navy
Lipstick: Lancome Fiery Attitude

Monday, July 2, 2012

Candid Camera

So much brainstorming going on over here! I am currently developing ideas for another shoot and some sketches. I really want to express more of my artistic side on this blog. I am a huge art lover as well as fashionista so why not explore both. After a discussion with friends about blogging and bloggers I had a few thoughts about what I could do to make my blog better which is why I posted these random candid pictures.

I took these pictures friday night with friends in the village. First and foremost, I am OBSESSED with candid photos that show personality. When you look at candid photos of people you can sometimes get a sense of not who they are but what their personality may be like. Besides, the posey pictures can get boring sometimes correct?

Lastly, this cute black dress with the party in the back is my new obsession. I bought it from Pacsun because initially I fell in love with the back of it. A womans back is so sexy! It is a way to be sexy without showing it all. Originally I wanted it in mint but it looked cheap and worn, there were strings hanging and everything! SO, I opted for the black because a LBD does not have to be expensive or cheap because you can always dress it up and nobody will notice. Thats a tip to remember!

Creep On!

Dress: Pacsun
Bag: Furla