Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Top: Old Navy
Pants: Leopard Jumpsuit old
Shoes: Anne Klein from Macy's
Lipstick: MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth

Hair! Growing up women are taught that having luscious locks is what beauty. Everyone wants to have long hair blowing in the wind. Curly girls want to have long straight hair that does not shrink up at the sight of water. The moral of the story is that at young age it is implanted in our minds that our hair is our crown and glory. Now not every woman wants to have short hair and not every woman wants to have long hair. However, sometimes we encounter situations that will force us to leave our comfort zone into dangerous territory, which is what happened to me.

First and foremost I have had short hair a few times in my life. I am talking bald, no hair whatsoever. In a year and a half I managed to grow a large curly mane and I pretty much abused it. I colored it blue, purple, blonde etc. Unfortunately, recently I had decided to put a relaxer in my hair in order for it to be permanently straight. As a result my hair began to fall out immensely and I had to patches of missing hair on my head. I was absolutely devastated that a hairdresser had done such a horrible thing to my head. 

Although I could have saved my hair and kept my length I decided it was best to hack off all the damage. At first I wanted to cry, I had took almost two years to grow my hair and it made me feel sexy and beautiful. My hair had become my security blanket. Then I took a step back and reminded my self of all the bold style choices I made and how fearless I was and that just because my hair was falling out I shouldn't feel any less attractive. 

Thus, cutting my hair for the third time has once again made me feel liberated. As women sometimes we get so caught up on certain standards instead of taking a leap. There are days when I wake up and just think of all of my flaws instead of pointing out all of the great things about me, physically as well as mentally. If you want to change your look go for it, do not think that in order for a woman to be beautiful you must have long hair. Yes, it may be an emotional process and a few tears may be shed but you are still gorgeous.