Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Love College

Hey I am back on campus!
It feels weird being back at school, I miss work and the hustle and bustle of NYC
This is a typical outfit I wear to class, something loose and comfy. I try not to wear sweatpants like the other students. College students here rarely put effort into their appearance. Sometimes it is refreshing to see the few students wih really cool bizzare style. I live for it!
I mean I am a firm believer if you do more than roll out of bed and arrive to class you will feel better, and be taken more seriously!
Dress: gifted
Sweater: Gap
Shoes: Minnetonka
Watch: Michael Kors

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashionista Fitness

Hey Creeps!
I am currently experiencing some tech issues with my laptop again, it truly sucks!
I am also preparing to return to school on Saturday so I have pretty much been bumming around, thus no outfit posts. Anywho, the one thing I have been doing is working out. So I decided to share with you guys some of the fitness pictures I have been posting on instagram. Now I am not very tone or muscular, however I am working on getting lean and strong. Most importantly I just want to improve my health and be in good mental and physical shape. These days alot of people eat poorly and barely exercise. I for one was that person, I would indulge in sweets and be a huge couch potato 7 days a week. I guess you could say after seeing my noticeable weaight gain and the olympics I decided to change my ways. Seeing all those olympic women win gold made me think why not shape up and eat healthy, especially if it will benefit me in the future. My mom is a gym rat so she has been training me. I must say she gives me a challenge and I like it. Working out clears my mind, makes me feel energize, and it truly does help me sleep at night.
Do you work out? What are your favorite moves? Routines?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How I Fell In Love With Red Lipstick

As young women we always look to out mothers, grandmothers, etc for inspiration. Whether it is in wisdom, style, beauty or poise. In this case we are talking about beauty. Growing up I was always fascinated with beauty. Skincare, makeup, hair you name it and I probably was obsessed with it. You could always find me ruffling through my mother's make up bags playing dress up trying to emulate her style. However, one item always stood out to me which was my mother's red lipstick. Now first and foremost my mother is a simple woman who stays loyal to her beauty staples. Rarely, does she ever experiment with new products. My mom has always worn red lipstick, Revlon to be exact. No matter where she goes or what she is doing she will always wear that red lipstick. One day when I was about 15 my mother and I were riding the bus and my lips were extremely chapped and I did not have any lip balm. I was nagging my mom about how much my lips hurt and looked horrible. She said she did not have chap stick only her red lipstick and swiped it across my lips. I must say I felt really weird like everyone would laugh at me, a 15 year old girl wearing her mom's lipstick. WRONG! A lady soon complimented me and said that red lipstick looked absolutely beautiful on me and that I was a lucky gal to be able to pull it off. From that day on I never forgot that compliment and have been addicted to red lipstick ever since. The first red lipstick I bought was Revlon, just like my mama, my freshman year of college. I wore it to my first college party, and I will never forget how grown up I felt. The moral of the story is sometimes we get our inspiration from the people close to us and not the street style stars, bloggers, or celebrities. Our moms, grandmothers, big sisters whoever can be our style icons too!

Creep On!

PS Here is the picture from that college party! HA

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Style Crush: Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina

Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons.
This weekend I watched Sabrina for the first time. I am also a huge Humphrey Bogart fan. Throughout the film you witness Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn) go from a young lady into a elegant woman. It made me think about adding a little polish to my look. Although, I love my wild child ways my college years are coming to an end and corporate america is right around the corner.
Not only did the movie influence me style wise, but it also opened my eyes to love.
You may be in love with someone forever, but the person you are meant to be with is probably someone you  would not consider. Open up your heart and mind to the possibilities to what the universe may have for your love life. Do you like classic movies? What are your faves?
Side note, on my lunch break today a psychic stopped me and said she got a strong vibe from me and gave me her card. I am very interested in contacting her. I am open to all beliefs and religions, not to mention when I was 13 my aunt taught me how to read tarot cards. Why not be open to the possibilities?

Creep On!!

PS After watching this film I am considering doing my pixie cut again

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Be You

I could not go to long without writing a post. The best way to cope with pain is expressing yourself. At least I believe so. I have been reading a lot of horror lately. Mostly HP Lovecraft and Bram Stoker's Dracula. I love it, not only because it scares the living shit out of me, but it also helps me to brainstorm ideas for my upcoming senior thesis as well as other writing projects I have in mind. School basically starts in about two weeks....AHHHH. So not ready to get back into the school environment.

Here are two outfits I wore last week. I have been obsessed with exaggerated makeup lately so I have been putting more emphasis into my beauty routine than my clothes.

Creep On!

Wrap Dress: Gap
Black Dress: Gifted
Shrug: Old Navy
Shoes Gap:

PS Yesterday was International cat meet my cat Jasper. He is quite the entertainer

Monday, August 6, 2012


Sorry I have not posted in so long. I am suffering from another loss and it is taking a toll on me and my personal life. I have lost two loved ones in one year, and quite honestly giving up seems like a great idea. 
I hope by the time school starts and I am well adjusted that maybe I will be in a more positive state of mind to share more posts with you guys.

Thank you for all the great comments, and I will continue to enjoy all of your blogs!
Believe it or not you all inspire me and reading your posts makes me smile as well as inspire me.

Here is a picture of my new haircut that I got on Friday!
If you are in the NYC area you can checkout my hairstylist on facebook Janae Walker.

Be Blessed and Creep On!