Thursday, November 15, 2012

Instagram Beauty

Now everyone knows how chic the french twist is. Just think back to when Audrey Hepburn is standing outside of Tiffany's in the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany's or all the women on Mad Men. Simply put the french twist is just a simple style that is perfect for a fancy occasion or just a casual day out. Think of it as an alternative to the classic chignon. The funny thing is when I was little girl I absolutely hated when my mami did my hair like this. However, as I got older and started watching all my favorite classic movies I would nag her to do my hair like this and she would not! Instead of helping me, she encouraged me to teach myself. Finally two days a go I took a swing at it and succeeded! Now that I can do it I might take a break from the braided styles I have been wearing and be Holly Golightly.

The famous french twist!!

Here are the braided styles I cannot stop wearing, and also a picture of me as a chic kindergarten student.

Creep On!!


  1. I love the classic hairstyles because you can never go wrong with them. you got the french twist down pat & also love the braided hairstyles especially how the braids fade into different looks great and you looked adorable as a kid..

  2. oh u were such a cute child =) And oh I totally love the first and second look! Nice post!

  3. Oh wow! Your hairstyles are so inspiring!!! Both ! thanks you for sharing thiiiis !!


  4. i love your shades and those hairstyles <3

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