Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Journeys in Shopping

Dress: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Anne Klein

I bought this dress over spring break on a shopping trip with my Mami and Aunt. 
Now first and foremost I must say...I HATE SHOPPING! Mostly because I can never ever seem to find pants that fit over my ass! I know what your thinking...what ass? But do not be fooled I have some junk in the trunk that never seems to fit in pants. 

My journey first started in Zara, I was looking for an outfit to wear to a birthday party that night and I really wanted to wear high waisted pants. I grabbed a few trousers in Zara to try on in my usual size, a size 6. Lord have mercy! I could not even get the pants past my thighs. So I opted for a pair of wide leg trousers in a size 8; another epic fail. Reluctantly, I grabbed a size 10 in a pair of high waisted leggings and they were far too big! After that I stood in the mirror in my bra and panties and just stared at myself. I was defeated. I've seen many curvy girls wearing these looks and for the life of me I could not find a single pair of pants to fit me. 

Standing in the mirror I analyzed my ass and thighs wondering why they refused to fit into my dream trousers. Feverishly putting my clothes back on I threw the pants on the rack and headed to Topshop where I hoped to find the perfect jean. Boy was I wrong, nothing seemed to fit me right! They made my ass look flat instead of accentuating it, not to mention I spent nearly 10 minutes squeezing myself in them. Once again, my curves were fighting me refusing to fit into any pants. Here I was in one of the most popular stores among women and I was unsatisfied. I had a severe case of muffin top and my booty had disappeared! Looking in the mirror I hated my curves I was disgusted that I could not find a pair of trendy pants! WHY was it fair that everyone else could enjoy these looks but I couldn't?

Fast forward two days later, I was in Ann Taylor with my Mami and Aunt browsing the racks. Purposely avoiding all pants when I came across the fabulous dress I am wearing in the photo above. Immediately, I thought DVF on a budget. I grabbed it and headed to the dressing room. While changing I did my best to avoid my reflection after the horrible experience I had a few days earlier. However, when I saw myself in the dress I fell in love. It accentuated my whole body! The way it hugged my curves and slimmed my waist brought a smile to my face. Finally it clicked, not every trend works for every body type. It is okay if you can't wear certain things because style isn't based on trend its based on you inner creativity and how you feel. So this time around when I looked in the mirror in my bra and panties I smiled. Ok, maybe I dropeed it like its hot a few times, but that isn't the point. The point is I had to accept that this is my body. I am not a size 0 and I have curves and they aren't going anywhere. 

Every body type is different, and it isn't what you wear its how you wear it.

Creep On!


  1. I hate shopping too (for the same reasons)and I adore the way this dress fits on you!

  2. AMEN! Your curves are HOTT, and they are werkin' in this wrap dress.


  3. Omg sounds horrible but I love your attitude. Your stunning and i think that most stores nowadays only made clothes for the long, skinny girls. U got to search deep to find those pieces that fit us normal girls =)

    Anyways that dress is gorgeous

  4. I love the haircut, it brings out your facial features and it looks great on you!

  5. pretty and perfect for spring and summer

  6. so cute!! thanks for your kind words on my last post!