Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Yesterday, I spent my time with my Mama and my cousin enjoying the sunny weather.
We watched hockey, GO RANGERS, ate food, and laughed.
It was fun and intimate and a great way to pre celebrate Mother's Day.
Since, it was 77 degrees yesterday I decided to wear shorts and my favorite scarf.
This is probably the only occasion I did not transform my scarf into a turban. My mama opted for a maxi dress and one of her favorite hats. She is not a turban woman AT ALL. However, she loves her hats. As you can see my mother and I have similar tastes in style, we both enjoy color, comfort, and earthy styles. The only difference is I wear heels more than she does.
Kiss your Mama Bears today and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Creep On!!!

P.S. We both wore Furla Bags yesterday. My favorite purse.

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