Monday, August 6, 2012


Sorry I have not posted in so long. I am suffering from another loss and it is taking a toll on me and my personal life. I have lost two loved ones in one year, and quite honestly giving up seems like a great idea. 
I hope by the time school starts and I am well adjusted that maybe I will be in a more positive state of mind to share more posts with you guys.

Thank you for all the great comments, and I will continue to enjoy all of your blogs!
Believe it or not you all inspire me and reading your posts makes me smile as well as inspire me.

Here is a picture of my new haircut that I got on Friday!
If you are in the NYC area you can checkout my hairstylist on facebook Janae Walker.

Be Blessed and Creep On!


  1. I loveeeeee the pink hair on you. I actually love all the hairs that are painted diffrentely
    Lita Giveaway in my blog :)

  2. My condolences on your loss, keep strong I know it doesn't feel like the pain gets better but it does.

    I love love love the new hair cut & collor, it looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much. It really is hard, but I am rying my best to stay strong

  3. I love you brushing, hairstyle! It's awesome! Thanks you for your words on my blog :)


  4. Your hair is so cool, love it! Hope you are feeling better soon, stay strong and keep your friends around you at all times to support and love you!

    1. Thank you, especially for the advice. I really like your blog, your artwork is so cool...especially your drawings. LOVE THEM

  5. Your ideas inspire and make you dream.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss hun... but you look beautiful. I love the cut and color

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