Thursday, August 16, 2012

How I Fell In Love With Red Lipstick

As young women we always look to out mothers, grandmothers, etc for inspiration. Whether it is in wisdom, style, beauty or poise. In this case we are talking about beauty. Growing up I was always fascinated with beauty. Skincare, makeup, hair you name it and I probably was obsessed with it. You could always find me ruffling through my mother's make up bags playing dress up trying to emulate her style. However, one item always stood out to me which was my mother's red lipstick. Now first and foremost my mother is a simple woman who stays loyal to her beauty staples. Rarely, does she ever experiment with new products. My mom has always worn red lipstick, Revlon to be exact. No matter where she goes or what she is doing she will always wear that red lipstick. One day when I was about 15 my mother and I were riding the bus and my lips were extremely chapped and I did not have any lip balm. I was nagging my mom about how much my lips hurt and looked horrible. She said she did not have chap stick only her red lipstick and swiped it across my lips. I must say I felt really weird like everyone would laugh at me, a 15 year old girl wearing her mom's lipstick. WRONG! A lady soon complimented me and said that red lipstick looked absolutely beautiful on me and that I was a lucky gal to be able to pull it off. From that day on I never forgot that compliment and have been addicted to red lipstick ever since. The first red lipstick I bought was Revlon, just like my mama, my freshman year of college. I wore it to my first college party, and I will never forget how grown up I felt. The moral of the story is sometimes we get our inspiration from the people close to us and not the street style stars, bloggers, or celebrities. Our moms, grandmothers, big sisters whoever can be our style icons too!

Creep On!

PS Here is the picture from that college party! HA


  1. red lipstick is the best! love your blog!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. This is an amazing post & I totally agree with you about how we infuse our parents and role model's style into ours either conciously or subconciously.

  3. Haha lovely post!!!!!! :)))

    xx Olivia

  4. I love red lipstick! =)

  5. That is such a cute story! Love redlipstick xx

  6. Very lovely story, red lipstick is my favorite :D
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  7. This is one of our favorite shade too. Pretty!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!