Monday, September 17, 2012


Everything I am wearing is from the Gap.

Ify wears an Asos jumpsuit and Urban Outfitters sandals.

Lets begin with I am the laziest girl you will ever meet. It is safe to say that I already have a serious case of senioritis, especially when there is such great weather. With all the homework and fraternity meetings I have, it is challenging to find the time to take pictures. Lately, I have been just grabbing whatever and throwing it on in an attempt to make it to class on time. Last week I actually fell out of my bed as I was rushing to make it to class. On top of that I did not get the job in the writing center, which crushed my ego. I guess you could say last week in a nutshell was just..SHIT. I work very hard to improve my writing skills, and to have someone tear my resume and cover letter to shreds basically killed me. Criticism is not all bad, so enough whining.

It sucks that you can't really see the print on my top, it is one of my favorites! I don't have anything fashion related to say for this post. My mind is currently filled with Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes and the effects of Biofuels on the economy. Gahhh save me!?

PS I love Frank Ocean and Pyramids is one of my you like the video?


  1. Not in his plan. Take the critique, apply it and keep it moving.

    Commit to your gift, discover your essence and live on purpose.

    Nice pictures! Get it lady!

  2. JUST LOOOOVVVVE your pink hair! I just went turquoise! AMAMAMZZZZING!!!! FABB blog babe! And you both have fabulous style too!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. The photos are so fun, and you look really cool-love your hair. Good luck with school and everything else.

    Not a huge fan of Frank Ocean


  4. Cute pictures!

    xo Jennifer