Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Saturday

It is my first weekend back at school, and I must admit I am totally homesick.
However, today was quite fun. The  town I attend school hosts an event called First Saturday and the surrounding schools perform, host tables, stores give discounts, etc. It was the perfect opportunity to take my mind off all the negative emotions I have been harboring and enjoy the weather with my friends. I also ran into a girl with AMAZING HAIR. I love people who take risks and have cool, colorful, fun style. The young lady I met had multi color hair and I totally fell in love with her. I pretty much ambushed her and begged her to let me take her picture. Usually, I don't meet many people here with such fun style and personalities, it was so refreshing to meet someone so nice and bold. Anywho, we ended our day with the local thrift shop. It is so cozy and loveable. They always have such unique items. I purchased a ring and a necklace that I will share later on. Also, they have really cool knick knacks and photos that I want to go back and purchase. That is the beauty of attending school in a small town are the little mom and pop shops that house such cute and unique items.
Creep On!!
My clothing and shoes are from the Gap.



  1. oh that sounds really courages! U go girl! And you and your friends seem to have a lot of fun =)

  2. You guys look really cool and looks like you're having a lot of fun. That colorful hair is preeeety.


  3. Great skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  4. love the dress! goes so perfectly with the hair color!