Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday!
As you can see I attempted to dye my hair purple again! What do you think?
I feel like it is more red than purple, especially because random people scream at me on the street "REDHEAD!" 
Very awkward indeed!
I love experimenting with my hair, but I think this will be the last and final time!

This is a typical outfit that I wear to work. Although it is not business casual, I work in a very laid back environment which is perfect for summer! No blazers, suits, or long sleeves. Don't get me wrong sometimes I miss wearing my pencil skirts and blouses, but not when it is 90 degree weather and I have to wear stockings. However, I still keep it modest and try to cover most of my tattoos.
What say you? What is your work Attire?

Creep on!


  1. Whenever I visit your blog find good ideas.

    1. thank you :-)I'm glad you find ideas on my blog

  2. thanks for the comment! WAY into the purple hair, it adds lots of interest!

  3. This is my first time seeing anyone with purple hair that actually looked good on them. I love it. You're giving me a bad idea considering I've never dyed my hair. LOL!

  4. You have fabulous hair!

    xo Jennifer