Monday, July 2, 2012

Candid Camera

So much brainstorming going on over here! I am currently developing ideas for another shoot and some sketches. I really want to express more of my artistic side on this blog. I am a huge art lover as well as fashionista so why not explore both. After a discussion with friends about blogging and bloggers I had a few thoughts about what I could do to make my blog better which is why I posted these random candid pictures.

I took these pictures friday night with friends in the village. First and foremost, I am OBSESSED with candid photos that show personality. When you look at candid photos of people you can sometimes get a sense of not who they are but what their personality may be like. Besides, the posey pictures can get boring sometimes correct?

Lastly, this cute black dress with the party in the back is my new obsession. I bought it from Pacsun because initially I fell in love with the back of it. A womans back is so sexy! It is a way to be sexy without showing it all. Originally I wanted it in mint but it looked cheap and worn, there were strings hanging and everything! SO, I opted for the black because a LBD does not have to be expensive or cheap because you can always dress it up and nobody will notice. Thats a tip to remember!

Creep On!

Dress: Pacsun
Bag: Furla


  1. Lovely dress, BUT it's your little red bag that is my new obsession! Plus your hair is absolutely fabulous! Great look! I followed you on bloglovin and fanned you on lookbook! Would love if you'd peek at my blog as well!