Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vamp meets Sid Vicious

Morning Creeps!
First and foremost I must apologize for stealing a photo from my instagram.
My laptop is currently having technical difficulties that I cannot explain. I am probably the most un tech savy blogger EVER! Haha

Yesterday at my internship (Bumble and bumble) I received their new product Hairdresser's Invisible oil. I loved it and it works marvelously. As you know my hair is natural and color treated, so dry frizzy hair is one of my major hair issues. Fear not, Hairdresser's Invisible oil saved me from my problems. Not only is my hair soft to the touch, it smells delightful and my hair did not sizzle at all when I curled it. This product is a must have for all hair types, especially color treated hair.

I created this look by pinning up my hair trying to emulate Sid Vicious. Years, ago Teen Vogue had an editorial featuring androgynous looks, and Sid was one of their inspirations. I loved it and now that my hair is longer I had no choice to succumb to my inner tomboy. Although I am a girly girl especially when it comes to beauty, I LOVE being one of they boys. Boyfriend jeans and baggy vnecks are my favorite items to splurge on. However, no matter how much of a tomboy I am I love to add a little femininty to my look a la make up.

Creep On!!!

Makeup: Lancome


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