Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Real Her

It is becoming a bit cold here in Potsdam, New York. Well actually, the weather has been pretty bipolar. One day its 30 degrees and some days it feels like 55 degrees, what is a girl to do! I am emotionally attached to this leather jacket. My mom bought it for me my junior year in high school and it was totally different from all the other girls in school. To me it was more grown up and sophisticated than their faux leather jackets. Now I am dying to get my hands on a edgy faux leather motorcycle jacket. However, I still love my first leather jacket, it now has a worn look and feel and it is still so comfy. Although, it is not warm enough to wear in the current weather conditions I believe it was the perfect addition to this look. What say you? Do you have any clothing that you cherish?

Jacket: Old
Leggings: Pay/Half
Shoes: Pink & Pepper from DSW
Blouse: POLO Ralph Lauren
Scarf: Old Navy

PS Here is a blooper so you can see how I really behave


  1. I get why you love that jacket so much! Is gorgeous... I love it!

  2. That jacket rocks!!! great look. Love how you paired it with the leather looking tights!!!

  3. The jacket looks great, I can't believe you've had it for long its perfect for fall & I love the effect of the color with your hair!