Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ugly Duckling

This was one of those days my friend did not feel like taking my picture.
I took so many, at least 30, and these are the only pictures I like.
Ha, most of the pictures are me being extremely goofy making unflattering faces.
But I thought my makeup looked really cute.

This is one of my laid back looks. I used to be the girl who just reached for sweatpants and a baggy shirt. Now, the first thing I reach for is a s skirt or a dress. My mom always said wearing a dress is much easier you slide it on and take it off. It is true..mother knows best.

Creep On!!

Dress: Gap
Jacket: Gap
Shoes: Bamboo from DSW
Makeup: Lancome


  1. I love these photos! there're so funny! Thanks you so much for stop by ly blog ;)


  2. love the look , and your hair!


  3. Oh, I sooo also agree! Dresses are what I always wear when I'm feeling 'lazy' but am going out. They're so easy to wear, I mean, it's only one piece you really have to think about. This outfit is soo cute!