Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One of The Boys

It is just one of those days when I want to crawl under my blanket and not come out. Is that okay? Am I allowed to have these moments where I feel like the world is coming down on me? Yes, I am pretty much a drama queen but I can't seem to shake the icky feeling.

Anywho, I finally bought a crisp white shirt! I was so excited when I found it because I really needed one for my wardrobe. I think I should invest in more button downs. Even though they aren't really my style, they are good items to have and they are super comfy. I could totally live in them, plus you can never have too many business casual items. That is how I look at shopping now since I am on such a tight budget. I only look for quality items that can last me through all seasons and can be paired with a variety of items. This rule does not apply to shoes ha...shoes I just pick and chose what I want.
I never usually borrow my mom's bags but how else could I complete this look? There is something so classic about the monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags. Despite all the counterfit purses seen on the street, they still have that luxurious classic look for any age. I usually am not a fan of huge bags but it truely is convenient to throw everything in one and run out the door. I must say Louis Vuitton may have changed my preference.

Creep On!

Blouse: Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Charlotte Rouse
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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