Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In The Morning

Morning Ya'll!!!
This look was inspired by the amazing artist Rita Ora! I finally listened to her music and I love it.
However, It is her edgy and sexy style that I love most. Especially, when she wears a bold red lip...I totally melt! Its refreshing to see a young artist dress fun and fearless and not too old for her age. When I dress I like to look young and funky. It is important to me not to take my self to seriously because then I am going to hate what I am wearing. Ha.

Creep On!

Jacket: Old Navy
Dress: Gifted
Watch: Sean John
Nails: Lancome
Make up: Lancome


  1. Nice outfit! Jean jackets are so versatile.

  2. Pretty cool, casual outfit! I haven't listened to her music tbh, doesn't seem like something I would like =/